A slide-out on a motorhome, camper van or caravan is a wonderful way to expand the amount of interior space available.

To see what it is like to have almost an extra room in a motorhome, if you haven’t already done so, please see thevideo of an Adria Compact motorhome with a slide-out..

Switching from the travel configuration to the parked one for camping (with slide-out extended) takes just a few seconds: the time it takes for the slide-out to extend the vehicle and transform the camper into a small apartment.

One of the most frequent concerns that arises about slide-outs is what if there is a lack of power when the slide-out is open and needs closing.
The motors that move the slide-out’s extendable module have a brake, and when there is no power the slide out cannot move and it would be impossible to drive with a portion of the vehicle protruding, even if it is at the rear.

Fortunately, the slide-outs are designed to overcome any difficult situations.

The Lippert system is designed with a very simple manual release system. There is an auxiliary power whose task is to release the brake and at the same time move the motor.

This release and movement action must be performed alternately on each of the motors, until the slide out is completely retracted. The whole operation only takes a few minutes.

Therefore, there is never any reason for getting stuck with your vehicle when it has a slide-out section!