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In our dreams when we are out and about with our motorhome, camper van or caravan – perhaps equipped with a slide-out – we always think about how to enjoy every moment, trusting in the weather,

but the weather is not always ideal: rain, thunderstorms and humidity are often present, especially in autumn and winter, when not everyone has the opportunity to keep their vehicle in an enclosed space. The worst thing for the owner of a recreational vehicle is finding bad infiltrations, which day after day, drop by drop, can cause significant damage.

It is therefore best to clear any possible concern about this away immediately: a well-made slide-out does not increase the risk of infiltrations, either as water or humidity that infiltrates the walls.

In systems made with the flange (read about the post entitled “A custom made awning serves to protect the slide out from leaves and debris when open”), this acts as a “bumper” to improve water. Tightness as there is an internal and an external gasket which are squeezed by the flange.

Lippert’s slide-out systems are tested with pressurized water jets, plus the seals have now tested and proven in the field for years.

In addition to having an internal water collection channel that was created to avoid infiltration problems, drainage holes can also be provided during the design phase, which – positioned on the corners – remain hidden from view. When the slide-out is open, to fill the spaces between the walls of the camper and those of the slide out, there is a gasket consisting of a particular extrusion that is placed on the frame and presses on the room, ensuring adherence and waterproofing.

In short, we hope that the sun always shines, but even in case of rain the slide out will not be affected!