The Product



Space without compromise

A holiday on wheels, surrounded by nature, is an unforgettable experience. But anyone who appreciates this type of outdoor experience knows that the first element to consider is always the relationship between the size of the motorhome or caravan and the useable living space inside. Having to travel on normal roads, stop in spaces designed mostly for cars and camp on pitches that are not always gigantic, makes it clear that a compromise must be found.

Over in the United States of America, this issue has already been successfully addressed for some time, as this is where “slide-out” systems were born. These are portions of the vehicle that, when parked, expand externally to increase the interior space available.
For example, a slide-out allows a dinette area to be transformed into a real living room, complete with a sofa and armchairs, or to physically move the bed to create a master bedroom.

The slide-out system is so widespread and popular in USA that it is considered a standard.


Optimization of available volumes in compact vehicles


Also used on smaller vehicles such as camper vans


Living space as on larger motorhomes


The Product

Although the first known slide-out dates back to 1915 – presented in San Francisco by its inventor as “Automobile Telescoping Apartment” – the spread of its popularity started in the early 1990s. LCI immediately became a leader in the slide-out market, accumulating an almost unique competence.

On European motorhomes and caravans, the key is optimizing the volume of space available in more compact vehicles rather than the idea of ​​expanding space excessively. This is why LCI has developed the Smart Room concept, designed for use even on smaller vehicles such as campervans, to obtain a living space in a six-metre long vehicle that’s comparable to well- equipped larger motorhomes.

Smart Room

Technical Data

(Model Type 13677-V3)

Mechanical features

Max allowable dynamic load (room included) [kg] 500
Tolerance on the frame [mm] ±1
Tolerance on the room [mm] ±1
Tolerance on each corner [mm] ±1
Min- Max stroke [mm] 300-1000
Room min – max dimensions [mm] 700×700 – 2000×4000


Electrical features

Motor voltage range [V] 10,5-13,7
Encoder type Hall effect
Encoder type [A] 20
Average absorbtion single motor [A] 6
Average absorbtion four motors [A] 25
Section of the cable [mm²] 6 mm2 within 3m, 8mm2 within 8m