More and more people are now using their motorhomes, camper vans or caravans all year round, not just in the seasons with the most favourable climate.

Many find themselves dealing with cold winter temperatures. And so the question usually arises whether the extra space provided by the slide-out is a problem for the insulation of the vehicle and in the slide-out itself, and will it be difficult to heat these extra cubic metres?

Lippert has a simple answer to this question: no, it’s not a problem. The walls of the Smart Room are made with the same “sandwich method” as the vehicle’s walls, and therefore have the same degree of insulation. In addition, the gaskets contain an air chamber that acts as an insulator, and there is a second lining that runs along the entire perimeter of the room, covering the motors and frames.

All this prevents the creation of “thermal bridges” or areas where the difference in temperature is likely to generate condensation. And when the room is closed, those spots are even doubly protected. The end result is that there is no significant temperature difference between the inside of the slide-out and the rest of the vehicle’s interior.

In short, in a slide out you can say “space yes, cold no”!