When using a motorhome, camper van or caravan, we are already familiar with using an external awning to get shade and shelter from the rain while enjoying the nature surrounding us.

But it may seem a little strange that there is also one combined with the slide out. In many cases there is a dedicated awning above the slide-out. Let’s see why.

The slide outs are almost always made with a “flange” – a fibreglass layer that is larger than the perimeter of the “room” that extends from the vehicle.
This design improves aesthetics and increases water tightness when the slide out is closed.

However, dirt can accumulate in the upper part when the module is extended, especially leaves and twigs. When closing the slide-out, these can be dragged towards the wall of the motorhome and compressed between the gaskets, risking damaging them or at least reducing their effectiveness.

For this reason, Lippert’s suggestion (welcomed by companies such as Adria, as can be seen clearly from the video included in this post) is to adopt a small tailor-made awning that opens and closes at the same time as the slide out that avoids the accumulation of dirt on the top.

Prevention is better than cure!