The freedom created by a slide-out in a motorhome, camper van or caravan is priceless.

Just look (or look again: it’s worth it!)this video set in Italy, in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise to understand what we mean.

Opening and closing the withdrawable module is certainly easy, but over time many wonder if any special maintenance is required to maintain perfect efficiency. In reality, Lippert slide-outs are designed with extremely reduced maintenance plans

The only thing to do as often as possible is to keep the visible parts clean, and – depending on the requirements provided by the vehicle manufacturer – it is advisable to periodically grease the moving parts: in practice, the racks are hidden by the seals.
In fact, it may happen that the layer of grease is deleted by mistake, perhaps if a pressure washer has been used.

However, the greasing operation is irrelevant to the reliability of the extendable slide-out module, which is designed to withstand any type of stress. The reliability of the slide outs over time is guaranteed by rigorous tests carried out even in extreme conditions

The only drawback that could occur is a certain noise during the movement phase: racks, gears and all the moving parts are made with a special treatment, called nitriding.

Just add a little grease and the noise will disappear.