American campers struggle to imagine a recreational vehicle without a slide out.

Here, in Europe, it is the exact opposite: if you happen to see a motorhome with an extendable wall, an expression of wonder immediately appears on your face, as well as the curiosity to see how the interior space changes.
We would like to give you a closer look at what it means to have a slide out module in a European vehicle.

The example is that of the Adria Compact Plus, a motorhome that was made in two models: a 599 cm long with twin beds and a 629 cm long with a rear double bed.

In this video you can see both a presentation of the vehicle and what happens when, at the push of a button, the rear wall comes out of its seat and extends the motorhome by 70 cm to create a large bedroom.

When the slide-out is closed, the rear of the vehicle can still act as a living room, leaving all the other areas freely usable: bathroom, kitchen and dinette. In short, a really “smart” solution to have space only when you really need it and “travel compact”.

This is the freedom offered a slide-out offers.