The concept of a slide-out must be applied by manufacturers right from the design stage of the vehicle.

Adria immediately saw the potential of this extraordinary system and successfully designed, built and marketed a first generation of products with the advantage of having extendable space with a slide-out. In the 2016 to 2019 seasons, the Slovenian manufacturer’s price list hosted the semi-integrated Compact Plus models. While we are waiting to see what innovations will be proposed in the coming months, let’s see how Adria incorporated the slide-out in its Compact Plus models.

The main feature of these models is their compactness: both interior layouts – one with twin beds or the other with a central rear double – have a total length of around 6 meters. To be precise, 599 cm for the version with single beds and 629 cm for the other one with a double bed . This much space is normally found on much longer motorhomes, often at least around 7 meters long!

The secret lies with the slide-out. The front of the motorhome is identical for both models with a practical semi-dinette with swiveling cab seats and a single side seat whose backrest conceals a small wardrobe.
In the centre of the motorhome is the service area with the kitchen unit facing the toilet compartment. his has an integrated shower, which can be separated with a sliding door as the sink retracts out of the way, another rare feature in such small vehicles.

The “magic” of the slide-out unfolds at the rear of the motorhome. When the slide-out is closed, the beds are folded up and can also be used as comfortable armchairs, perhaps to watch a TV which can be installed on the bathroom wall.

At the push of a button, the rear slide-out opens and the bedroom is revealed in all its splendour: the 599 cm SLS model has two single beds 80 cm wide(one 2m long and the other 1.94 cm), while the 629 cm SCS model boasts a double bed measuring 190 cm by 135 cm.

Both Adria Compact Plus models are also equipped with a garage compartment, confirming that in extremely small spaces the slide-out solution translates into compact but highly versatile and habitable vehicles.